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Who Am I?

I grew up in a small town in Northwestern Connecticut, parents divorced when I was about 12. I do remember having lots of Records or all types and sizes, Playboy magazines and always watching lots of movies. Ooh and comics too, so you can see how I became what I am today. I learned at a early age that making people laugh was the way to their hearts. Through high school I was friends with cliques of people and of course the jokester. This didn’t bode well for any future with a good pay scale of course. I worked at Subway and a local Inn and an Electronics company while in high school and the few years after. It was by a stroke of luck a friends parents paid for my short education at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. I quickly knew this is where I belonged I loved the promise of going to concerts and getting free music. I sent a email to Rhino at WCCC in early 2001 I think, he asked me to come to the station to meet with him and possibly be an intern. Two days later I was on the Picozzi in the Afternoon show doing some stunt like running into the side of the building with a garbage can on my head. That was my drug it was all I had needed once I got a taste I never wanted to go without the entertainment of radio, the music the laughs and the camaraderie.

I only interned for a short while as I became RUBE and was a vital part of the afternoon show and soon the station. I started board oping live broadcasts, fill in shifts, researching music news for the website. I worked hard as much as possible learning everything I could while at the Asylum as it was lovingly called in those days.

I moved on to WLZX in a nearby town, I started out the same way slowly while building myself up to the morning show producer. Now fast forward 15 years, I have been out of the radio world while doing regular guy jobs. Enter the podcast world.

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